Fly On The Wall – Writing Session

Katy and I have been writing songs for the next album and we’ve started working out arrangements with Eric. Here’s a clip of a new song that might be titled “Ghost Town/Gun Fight”. We are still feeling out all the parts/words but you can get a fly on the wall perspective of a Anchor & Bear rehearsal/writing session. Enjoy! Oh and by the way our album “Ahoy!” will be shipped from the pressing plant in June. It’s getting so close! Hang in there! I know Katy, Eric, Kenny, and I can’t wait to get the album into you hands at our next show.

– Brian

#tbt Recording Vocals


Here’s a shot of Katy & Brian recording vocals for the song “Sailor Sailor Sailor”. Note: the shelves of records behind us provided fantastic acoustics.

In other news Anchor & Bear wants you to know how much they love you.

– Anchor & Bear


anchor and bear album artwork 2

The new album is currently being pressed to vinyl and should be in our hands within weeks! Stay tuned for lots of updates including tour dates, release show info, music videos, and more!

– Brian