Raincoats and Gold – Recording Sessions

Here’s a behind the scenes look of the band recording “Raincoats and Gold” with producer Matt Neth.

The sessions took place in Ventura, California at 1SkyLight Studios over the course of 10 months. All of the songs were arranged/work shopped, recorded, mixed, & mastered within those 10 months. Most of the footage in this video comes from the first 2 months of recording the basic tracks: drums, bass, guitars, and various overdubs.

In the video you will hear early versions of: Hard To Say You’re Sorry, Green Shoe Girl, Mirage, Singer Out Of Work, Walking Around, Comes The Night, Blueprints, Hard Times, and two songs that didn’t make the album: Disconnect The Phone + Magic.

We hope you enjoy this footage as much as we enjoyed putting it together and remembering how much fun we had making the album.

~ Anchor & Bear