captain seas

8/19/16 – The Captain will be under the Ventura Pier while the band plays from 1pm til 4pm this Saturday. He suggests you view the band on top of the pier for the best experience.

5/30/16 – The Captain is proud to announce that the band has completed the recording of their second record! Now on to mixing & mastering!

3/15/16 – The Captain feels that the Watermark in Ventura is quite appropriate for Anchor & Bear to play this Sunday.

3/14/16 – The Captain was just informed that over $11,000 was raised at the fundraiser Saturday to help a good mans battle with cancer. The Captain wishes to thank Graham for his hard work!

3/11/16 – The Captain wants you to know that the band will be playing a fundraiser tomorrow and he would like to see you there. Even via Skype.

3/2/16 – The Captain will be attending this weekends recording session. Due to contractual obligations he will not be participating.

2/19/16 – The Captain was lost at sea (without wifi) and wanted to let all of you know that he’s back.

11/5/15 – The Captain says remember the 5th of November!

10/13/15 – The Captain is going to be Eric White for Halloween.

8/12/15 – The Captain is pleased to announce that lots of shows are coming up

7/29/15 – The Captain will be attending the show at the Watermark in Ventura tomorrow. He hopes to see you there.

7/26/15 – The Captain wants to know if you have a copy of the album yet.

7/20/15 – The Captain wanted you to know that the band had a great time at the Pour House in Paso Robles.

7/12/15 – The Captain had a great time at the Camarillo Fiesta yesterday.

7/8/15 – The Captain has his copy of the new album on vinyl. He says that you can have yours on Saturday.

6/30/15 – The Captain hears a knock at the door…could it be?

6/22/15 – The Captain wanted to share the “Matter Of Time video with you:

6/12/15 – The Captain has reserved his spot at the June Gloom Festival on the 20th. He wants to know if you’re going as well.

6/7/15 – The Captain has a cameo in the new music video for “Matter Of Time”. He’s very proud.

6/2/15 – The Captain has been told that Anchor & Bear are in the process of making a music video!

6/1/15 – The Captain is happy to report that Anchor & Bear have already started album #2.

5/21/15 – The Captain wants an ice-cream cone.

5/20/15 – The Captain says harmonica is a powerful instrument but can get a bit overblown.

5/15/15 – The Captain loves cats.

5/6/15 – The Captain has been outside all day waiting for the dogs to bark.

5/3/15 – The Captain says summer is just around the corner which means the Anchor & Bear tour isn’t too far away either.

4/30/15 – The Captain says the month of May is sure to be very merry.

4/27/15 – The Captain discovered that Side A and Side B of the new Anchor & Bear album are both worthy of your record player.

4/24/15 – The Captain also wanted to mention that coffee is very important all of the time.

4/24/15 – The Captain wants you to know that coffee is very important in the morning.

4/23/15 – The Captain feels as though the high seas are much more enjoyable with the comforts of a record player. Preferably one with a needle.

4/22/15 – The Captain has a lot on his mind. Currently he’s waiting on the dock for precious cargo to be delivered. That cargo is the new Anchor & Bear album Ahoy!

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